July 1944

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July 1, 1944 – Saturday.

Just after midnight our ship retracted from the beach to head to Blanche Channel and then on back to the Russell Islands.  We made it there by 1pm and anchored in Renard Sound where we remained all week without much acitivy.  The following Saturday the ship underwent several drills incluing General Quarters Drill, Collision Drill, Fire Drill, and Abandon Ship Drill after which ‘beverages’ were brought on board. Later that night George Varchette F  1/c and Calvin Rae Smith F 2/c left the ship with their gear to attened diesel school.

July 9, 1944 – Sunday.

The ship left the Russell Islands today at about 9am and headed back to Carter City about an 8 hour trip.  The ship beached at Waterhole on Govana Inlet where it remained until July 13th where at 7:05am Jack Richard Powell SC 1/c, Earl Francis Wray QM 3/c, and Charles Ross Wilson SM 2/c were all removed from the ship in the custody of Ensign Thomas S. Richard and Ensign Robert L. Wacker to stand trial.


July 16, 1944 – Sunday.

After nearly a month on Guadalcanal I finally was reunited with my ship having completed signal school.

Ship logbooks note my return from signal school

We continued to stay beached at Waterhole at Govana Inlet on Florida Island until Juy 19th when we moved the ship into Drydock #3 for repairs. At 8am on Friday, July 21st we took the ship out for a trial run of Florida Island.  After our brief test we came back into the beach at Carter City where all hands left the ship to bring Com LCI (L) group 15 gear aboard.  With all hands back on deck we retracted and headed over to Tulagi where we beached at Green Beach only to later depart through the submarine nets out into the harbor where we met up with a small boat.  A LT (SG) came aboard to compensate our compasses, a process that required us to head out on various courses and speeds while the adjustments were made.  This procedure lasted about 3 hours and by 4:00pm we were back at Green Beach where the Lt who compensated the compasses left the ship and we took on supplies.

July 22, 1944 – Saturday.

This morning we left dry dock #3 for another test run in Govana Inlet.  We landed and pulled out a couple of times and we determined we needed to go back out for further compensation work on the compasses.  In the afternoon we took on supplies and pulled in and out from Green Beach again then we headed back to the Russell Islands where we found ourselves in the morning.


July 23, 1944 – Sunday.

Today a ‘church party’ was permitted to go ashore to attend church, which took about an hour.  At 1:30 our ship started dragging anchor so we moved to a new anchorage in Renard Sound.  After resecuring our ship a recreation party

July 25, 1944 – Tuesday.

Yesterday and today we were Beached at Renard Sound just waiting for something to do.  This morning we had General Quarters and Firing Practice.  We headed out to sea for about an hour for our practice.  We have two 50 mm guns mounted just below the conning tower on either side of the ship and we have a few small arms that fire 20mm rounds.  In about an hour we ran through 300 rounds of 50mm shells and 800 rounds of 20mm shells.  With general quarters secured we ended Firing Practice and we headed back for Renard Sound arriving back there at 11:30 am.

Machine gun enclosures on LCI713


July 26, 1944 – Wednesday & Thursday.

More of the same. Just waiting around.  The only thing worth noting is that some radio tubes that we need were brought on board and we got a 12’ wherry that we tied up to our stern.  A wherry is a small boat that can be used for various things.

July 28 & 29, 1944 – Friday & Saturday.

We finally got to go somewhere today.  In the morning, right after colors, we joined in a column for maneuvers where we practiced Man Overboard drills.  We came back and beached at LCRB No. 2 where we took on fuel from LCI(L)549.  After taking on 2500 gallons of fuel we departed for Bougainville at 6pm.  We traveled in column with LCI’s 549, 332, 330, and 329.  With all 6 engines going and our prop at 39” of pitch we made haste to our desination traveling through the night.  By morning we were forced to drop speed back to 2/3rds as LCI’s 549, 330, & 332 dropped behind for repairs.  We continued at our reduced speed throughout the day and then at 6:40 pm we went back to full engines ahead standard, proceeding to form up on LCIs 549, 330 & 332 who rejoined us.  By 7:30 we were back in column formation and continued till almost mid-night when we came up abeam of Treasury Island.  On Sunday at 10:00 am we arrived at Empress Agusta Bay on Bougainville Island were we anchored in 10 fathoms of water.  By mid afternoon we started taking on passengers which took us about an hour.  These men are army casuals with 4 officers and 49 enlisted men.  With everyone on board we set out to take these men back to Guadalcanal.  We formed a column behind LCI(L)’s 329 & 332 and with all 6 engines a blazing we headed out for home base.

July 31, 1944 – Monday.

We steamed toward Guadalcanal using 4 engines on our port shaft and 2 engines on our starboard.  At 2:30 in the afternoon we had a flag hoist drill that lasted the better part of an hour.