January 1946

January 1, 1946 – Tuesday. HAPPY NEW YEAR.  At mid-night we literally celebrated for joy as we steamed ahead, now nearly in sight of Pearl Harbor.  We are only able to cruise at 3 knots which is barely moving at all.  We came into the channel at Pearl Harbor at 7:30 am.  We moored starboard side to YF694 while awaiting permission to moore portside to LCI(L)1098.  Permission was granted and we came along side. I sure will be happy to go ashore.  I took the occasion to write a letter home to wish my mother a happy new year.


January 2, 1946 – Wednesday.  We jockeyed around in port today, ending up finally along side LCS115.  I got my first liberty to go ashore and enjoy myself.  Here is my liberty card that authorized me to go ashore.

Liberty Pass

George Koenig went ashore and got our pictures taken.


George and I have become good friends since he came aboard.  It will be hard to say good bye to him after having such an experience together.



On Thursday we brought aboard G.D Henry RM3c and E.H. Powers CM3c who reported for duty from the receiving station. On Sunday we brought Donald L. Parker SM3c, Melvin Seibel F2c and Harold G. Wisnewski who all came aboard for duty. On Monday E.H Powers transferred off the ship and we took on water. On Tuesday the paymaster came aboard and gave us our pay.

January 9, 1946 – Letter Home