Welcome Aboard!

My name is Dale Kirkham and this is my WAR DIARY.  I celebrated my 19th, 20th and 21st birthdays in the Pacific Islands, far away from my boyhood home of Lehi Utah.  This is a photo that was taken of me when I retraced the bloody steps of the Bataan Death March back in 2007 when I visited the Philippines.

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To read my WAR DIARY just click here.

The Bataan Death March Trail

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  • Hi, Dale.

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE to our country. my uncle was a tail gunner over Germany – one of the very few who survived that experience. He also kept a war diary.

    I noted your article on the Diamond T.

    do you have it for sale? I am restoring one and need the chrome, etc. If yours is for sale, I would appreciate hearing from you, please. I am building a woodedn bed on mine for a camper to take the grandkids out on weekend trips to Central OR to go stargazing and fishing.


    Mark Krautmann