Dale Kirkham – Bannock County History 1993

History of Dale and Bodell Kirkham 1993 Bannock County History

(The following history about Dale and Bodell Kirkham and their family was published on page 673-674 of The Bannock County History, Volume III.  Bodell served as editor of the history at the request of the County Commissioners at the time the history was published.)

History of Dale B. and Bodell S. Kirkham 1993

Written by Bodell Kirkham

Voltaire suggested, “The trade secret of being tiresome is to tell everything,” so not “everything” will be recorded. The Dale B. Kirkham family began May 29,1950, as Dale and Bodell Smith were married. Little did she realize the challenging and exciting adventure that marriage to him would be.  Whatever he does, he does wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. Her blessing has been to be in the center of all the energy and vitality that he constantly generates. At times she has longed for a “dull moment”, but the unexpected has been the norm.

This dynamo name Dale Bruce was born the fifth and last child of Oliver George and LaVerde Bushman Kirkham in Lehi, Utah. May 24, 1925. His childhood was filled with opportunities to learn to work as his father taught him carpentry, farming, mechanics, and “handy-man” type skills. His Salt Lake Tribune paper route was diligently and daily discharged for many years. The picture of Dale on his bicycle, pursued by his collie dog was a familiar one 10 many Lehians. He graduated from Lehi High School, were he was active in athletics, music, and student affairs. He was a record-setting state trackman. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1943. His service in World War II found him at sea aboard the LCI 222 for his “19th. 20th and 21st birthdays.” Brigham Young University was his college choice, and he graduated with a degree in accounting. He also took advanced business courses at Idaho State University.

An opportunity for a partnership in an auto parts store in Pocatello brought him to Idaho in 1949. After purchasing his partner’s interest, he built his auto parts business into a thriving entity and expanded to salvage later in his career. His business interests have included the new-parts stores, three salvage yards in Pocatello, a new-auto parts store and a salvage yard in Idaho Fails, all under the umbrella of Dale ‘s Auto Supply Co., Inc. He organized Recycle Contractors Inc., in 1973, headquartered in Pocatello, with branches in Nebraska, North Dakota and Montana.  As Dale was a child, his father boiled sugar in surrounding areas.

This whetted Dale’s interest in the long vacant and idle U and I sugar factory in Blackfoot, which he purchased and has developed into a thriving operation leased to Con Agra (Pacifex.) His interests include heavy equipment, to buy, sell, and operate. Gemco, Inc. is a real estate development venture he enjoys. He is an officer in Crazy Comer Auto Sales, Inc., and has enjoyed an association with Kent Steed and Bill Orr in Pocatello and Idaho Falls in his venture. His most recent concern has been the purchase of the Garrett Freightliners complex in Pocatello, which is being renovated and leased. His business success of the past twenty years has been more meaningful because his two sons have contributed their efforts, dedication, and vision.

Always interested in the community, he has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce and served as a director. He served as Franklin Jr. High P.T.A. president. Locally, he was, for many years, an admissions’ advisor for Brigham Young University. For over 17 years he was a member of both the Bannock County Planning and Zoning Board, and the City Planning and Zoning Board. He was liaison between the two boards. Boy Scouting has received his support for over thirty years. Periodically he has been a member of I.S.U. Vo-Tech advisory boards. He was also a member of the Bannock Regional Medical Center Hospital board for two terms. He is a licensed pilot. His political affiliation is republican

A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he has always been active and has served in many leadership capacities, including three different high councils, bishoprics, and bishop. Currently he is a stake missionary and high priest’s group instructor.

His pet peeves are abusive governmental intrusion, shoddy workmanship, pretense, indolence, dishonesty, casseroles, sweet pickles, lines, and clutter. His list of “likes” include motorcycles, the cabin, building structures, razing structures, physical fitness, clean cars, chocolate, soft shirts, red, harmonicas, meat and potatoes, band concerts, gardening, brahma bull riding, loyalty, swimming, asparagus, boxing, making a profit, grandchildren, flying, common sense, tomatoes, animals, driving, and his family. His credo is that one gets out of anything exactly what he puts into it. He has a rare gift – either he only does things he enjoys – or he enjoys everything he does. A tireless workaholic, he believes that if one retires, he expires.

Bodell Smith was born in Pocatello, the second daughter of Maud Bodell Jensen and Alma Gibson Smith. The family included three brothers. She is product of the greater Pocatello school system, including graduation from Pocatello High School and the University of Idaho Southern Branch. Always active in student affairs, she served as editor of the “Wickiup” at UIUSB. Requirement for her bachelor arts degree were completed at Brigham Young University. Following her graduation she taught at Dixon Jr. High School in Provo. Graduate school followed this first year of teaching, at which time she returned to teach at her Alma Mater, Pocatello High School for five years. The work ethic was taught to her early and she began at eleven to be gainfully employed working as a housemaid for the Hood Family. Her employment included maid at the Sunset Motel, secretary at B.Y.U. and at Challenge Creamery and an IBM machine operator at Garretts for six years. After her marriage to Dale, she left teaching and joined her husband in his business ventures, where she still assists.

A life-long member of the L.D.S. Church, she has served in all the auxiliary programs, but admits to favoritism for the young women, an organization in which she served in many capacities for 33 consecutive years. Music has always been a passion and she has led the ward choir for nearly seventeen years. She has been a member of the Les Belles Lettres Literary group since it’s beginning.  The American Cancer Society, American Association of University Women, and P.T.A. have all been important areas of concern for her. A graduate of the L.D.S. Institute, she continues to attend classes there and at Idaho State University. She was a member of both the Bannock County Centennial Commission and the Bannock County People’s history executive committees. Currently she is Regional Council Chairman of the Brigham Young University Alumni Association. A special association she enjoys is with her 1942 classmates. Her cause is the Republican Party.

Bodell intends to clean out her life- today, or tomorrow at the very latest. She means to start with things she dislikes, namely tipping, social security numbers, going to bed, getting up, waiting, property taxes, wind, hard lead pencils, liver, cats, ironing, and liberated women. She intends to expand her list of likes which now include birthday celebrations, reading, newspapers, football, BYU, lists, crossword puzzles, kaleidoscopes, sneezing, parties, republicans, writing, gardening, and good news. Her hobby is Christmas.

Three children blessed the Dale Kirkham home, Dale B. “Kirk” who is married to Jill Hoggan. They are the parents of Wendy Bodell, Dale Scott, Katie Christine, and Aaron Glen. Richard Dean Kirkham married Kathy Young and Michael Adam, Richard Christian, Kirk Robert, and Matthew Thomas are their children. Karol Bodell married L. Scott Stokes and their children are Steven Scott, Amy Karol, Elden Dale, and twins Julie Veda and Jennie Bodell. All three children and their mates have followed the lead of their parents and are Brigham Young University graduates. Kirk and Richard are involved in business with their dad in Pocatello. Scott is a civil engineer employed by the state of Idaho.

These two Bannock County supporters are grateful for a rich and full life with friends and family and try to remember that to serve brings more rewards than to be served, that to learn requires study, and that to know people are more important than things. Their lives runneth o’er.

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